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little buddha meeting
Little Buddhas is  Cambridge Zen Center's children program for ages from 5 to 12. The meeting is at 11:30AM on Sundays. We usually meet on the first Sunday of the month but there are exceptions. Please refer to the dates listed below. It focuses on cultivating mindfulness for children through fun games and engaging activities. More specifically:

  • Develop skills to pay attention and practice seeing and hearing things around them clearly.
  • Bring awareness and compassion to their inner emotions and outer experiences.
  • Using above skills, try to make wiser and kinder choices in their everyday lives.
Fees and registration: this program is free but if you find it helpful, donation of any amount is appreciated. You don't need to register for the program but if it is your first time, please send us email at D6F636E2C69616D676044657269707D657A6 so that we can better prepare.

For parents: The program takes place in the main Dharma room for about one hour and a half. You are welcome to stay with the little ones depending on how comfortable they feel and how much you are curious about the program. There is a small Dharma room where parents can practice meditation separately.

Meeting dates and themes

Nov 12    Mindful tasting, mindful smelling
By practicing focused attention through the senses of smell and taste, we hope to broaden children’s ability to observe and enjoy their daily experiences.

Dec 5     Cancelled

Jan 5     Mindful movement
Through fun games and activities, we practice paying attention to the sensations and signals from our bodies. This heightened awareness will in turn help children better self regulate their emotions and behavior.

Feb 2     Perspective talking
Through activities, story telling and games, we learn to consider viewpoints that are different from ours and respond to different situations with mindfulness and compassion

Mar 9    Choosing optimism
We explore the benefits of optimism and see how pessimism can negatively affect our ability to be kind with one self , make friends with others, and learning.

April 6   Buddha's birthday
Celebrating Buddha's birthday, we will read a story of Buddha' life and his teachings. As usual, we will also have games, art and other fun activities to engage children and share the wisdom of Buddha.

May 4   Expressing gratitude        <Note the date and location change for May>
On this mother's day, we will learn the importance and joy of expressing gratitude as a regular practice in our everyday life. We will be meeting at Open Meadow Zen center in Lexington. This will be a potluck so please bring a dish share.

June 1   Performing Acts of  Kindness
Through story telling and fun activities, children will learn the importance of kindness to cultivate shared happiness and connection with others.

Should you have any questions, feel free to email us: jD6F636E2C69616D676044657269707D657

Resources for mindfulness parenting and education

1. A comprehensive list of more than 100 books and websites for children, parents and educators.

2. A list of other useful books for parents as well as children.

3. 'Planting Seeds' is a treasure when it comes to mindfulness activities for children. It's written by renowned zen master Thich Nhat Hahn himself. It's website has much information.

3. Mindfulness in Education Network is an effort by Thich Nhat Hahn and his school's effort to bring mindfulness education to the mainstream education world. 

4. MindUP The actress Goldie Hawn is big on mindfulness education. She created a foundation that is dedicated to developing mindfulness education to classrooms across America.

5. Mindfulkids Different medication activities for kids and also place to share mindfulness parenting experiences.

6.  Why mindfulness eduction is important? Research has shown that mindfulness education increases emotional and social intelligence. See below for details.
7. Another children's program at a zen center in Portland Oregon. Contains 'Dharma school manual.

8. A Tibetan Buddhist center's children's program. Contains teaching material.

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