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The Cambridge Zen Center offers a variety of programs for regular and consistent Zen Buddhist meditation practice. Conveniently located near Central Square between Harvard and MIT, CZC is a vibrant practicing community that is a refuge and stronghold in the midst of an energetic and multicultural city. The programs offered at CZC range from formal practice to work, community building, and family practice.

The daily formal practice is free and open to the public. Retreats, public talks, workshops, and other ongoing programs are scheduled on our monthly program calendar. Selected Adult Education Courses and Little Buddhas gatherings for children are also held at CZC. Residential and nonresidential programs provide flexibility for practicing in an urban environment. Commitment in training can be made through the receiving of precepts, and an extensive Dharma Teacher Training Program provides opportunity for deeper growth and experiences through service and sharing on the bodhisattva way.

Becoming Human
By Zen Master Seung Sahn

If you look closely at human beings in the world today, you notice that they are not human beings. They don't act like human beings. If a human being acts correctly, then he or she becomes a true human being. Moment to moment, what do you do? What is your correct direction? Moment to moment, what is your correct life? How do you find your correct way? How do you save all beings from suffering?

We come into this world empty-handed. What do we do in this world? Why did we come into this world? This body is an empty thing. What is the one thing that carries this body around? Where did it come from? You must understand that, you must find that. So, if you want to find that, you have to ask yourself, "What am I?" Always keep this big question. Thinking has to disappear. We have to take away all our thinking, cut off our thinking.Then our true self appears, then our true mind appears...

In this world, how many people really want to practice? Many people don't practice at all, fight day and night, and all day exercise their desire, their anger, their ignorance. When you lose this body, then you have nothing you can take with you. When this body disappears, what will you take with you? What will you do? Where will you go? You don't know, right? If this don't know' is clear, then your mind is clear, then also the place you go is clear. Then you understand your job, you understand why you were born into this world. Then you understand what you do in this world.

When you understand that, then you can become a human being.

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