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Through our spiritual practice and personal lives, we do our utmost to attain enlightenment, and with wisdom and compassion, to help save all beings from suffering. By practicing together we can change our karma and help others.

The Zen center provides daily morning and evening practice, monthly retreats, dharma talks and other opportunities for Zen training and sangha life in an urban setting. Please check our Programs link for details and schedules.

CZC History
The Cambridge Zen Center was founded in 1973 by some of the earliest students of Zen Master Seung Sahn, the first Korean Zen master to teach in the west. It was established as a residential Zen practicing community and is still thriving with more than 35 residents in training and more than 120 practicing members in the greater Boston area.

Previously, the center was located in the Spark Street and Grey Gardens neighborhoods in Cambridge, then in Allston. We moved to our present address in Central Square in 1982. The center provides public programs to members and visitors from the greater Boston area and worldwide, and houses resident training members and families in a 20,000 square-foot urban location with a beautifully-landscaped garden.

As one of the largest Buddhist outreach organizations in Massachusetts, and the second largest residential Zen training center in the U.S., CZC has a convenient location near Central Square between Harvard and MIT. We serve a diverse ethnic community and are frequently visited by students, academics, professionals and people from all walks of life, religions, professions and lifestyles. Outreach to ongoing Zen groups at various universities include Harvard University and Boston University, as well as teaching at public schools and ecumenical events with other spiritual traditions.

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